Desi Donors recruit over 100 Donors in the first drive!

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UK based organisation Desi Donors successfully recruited over a 100 donors at the Amun Ali Patient Appeal in Smethwick, Birmingham on Sunday 25th October.

Desi Donors organised the Patient Appeal in the name of Amun Ali who is from Small Heath at the Asra Health & Social Care Centre, on Smethwick High Street. The Recruitment clinic was a huge success with 75 Asians registering to the Anthony Nolan Trust Register to become a bone marrow donor and 29 Asians registering to the National Blood Service Register.

Amun Ali who has a rare condition known as Severe Immune Deficiency was at the Clinic and enjoyed meeting all those that either came to register or just simply show their support.

Amun who is desperate for a Bone Marrow donor has a condition that makes him extremely weak, for example: If Amun were to get a minor infection it could be extremely life threatening. Over the years Amun has been in (H.D.U) High Dependency Unit on many occasions, where minor infections such as chickenpox have got worse and put him in a bad state of health.

The special clinic was an opportunity for Asians in the West Midlands to come and join the bone marrow register. The more Asians joining the register will mean the more chance of saving the lives of people like Amun. Sadly Amun has already lost a 4-year-old brother to the same condition because a suitable match could not be found.

Amun’s dad Ashgar who was at the clinic was extremely pleased with the turn out, “This is brilliant, I’m so pleased to see so many people here today. This is going to make such a difference to people like Amun. I am really happy today.”

Desi Donors which launched earlier this year is proactively helping people like Amun Ali find the right match so they can help them live, however there are not enough Asians on the register so matches are not being found. Desi Donors hopes to change this by holding regular recruitment clinics such as this across the county.

“We are really pleased by the turn out we’ve had for our first Midlands recruitment clinic and hope that we can find patients like Amun the right match so they can lead a healthier life. We can only make a difference by getting others involved through holding clinics such as this and funding to keep marketing ourselves further. Thank you everyone who came to the clinic, you really don’t know the difference it has made.”

Desi Donors will continue to hold further Clinics and Patient Appeals regularly throughout various towns and cities in the UK.

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