BBC Asian Network Celebrates Diwali

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BBC Asian Network embarks on a day of special programming this Saturday (17th October) to mark the festival of Diwali.
Ravinder Kundra begins the celebrations on Devotional Sounds Sikhism from 5am. He will be joined in the studio by the talented Bhai Jasbir Singh Khalsa & Jatha. Ravinder will be discussing why Diwali is celebrated by Sikhs and its importance to the religion.

Ashwini Mahli presents a special live show of Devotional Sounds Hinduism from 6am. Ashwini will be talking to Indian classical singer and legendary artist Jagjit Singh and playing some of his favourite spiritual songs.  Plus catch all the highlights from behind the scenes at London's Diwali in the Square celebrations.

Raj & Pablo add some Bollywood glamour into the mix as they catch up with film star Preity Zinta in Love Bollywood from 9am.  The actress will reveal what Diwali means to her, how it's celebrated in Bollywood, and her faith. The outspoken star also talks about money, men and her love for cricket, plus why she's one of the Mumbai paparazzi's favourite targets.

Nikki Bedi finishes the day of celebration with a VIP Diwali Party from 5pm. She will introduce an exclusive live session with Shin, of Bhangra band DCS, who’ll be collaborating with the Bollywood Pandits.  Then Adil Ray offers his guide to Diwali from a non-Hindu perspective as he shares his Diwali Diaries; From lighting divas, taking part in a Puja, to joining a family to make traditional Gujarati dishes, Adil gets stuck into the Diwali festivities. Nikki will also be talking to a host of showbiz guests throughout the show, including Jay Sean, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Dia Mirza and Hari Dhillon.

Catch Preity Zinta’s interview and Shin’s live performance as well a whole load of additional Diwali content at

Husain Husaini, Head of Programmes, Asian Network, says: “Diwali is a special time of the year and very important to our Hindu and Sikh listeners. Throughout the day we hope to provide something for everyone – from the meaning of Diwali to some exclusive live music and great guests and entertainment across the Asian Network. ‘’

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