Apni Boli Apna Des Releases in Cinemas Worldwide

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Starring Raj Babar & Sarbjit Cheema, Punjabi movie 'Apni Boli Apna Des' releases in Cinemas across the UK & North America.

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Apni Boli Apna Des stars Sarabjit Cheema , Raj Babbar , Shweta Tiwari & Gurpreet Ghuggi. The film was shot partially in the UK.

Music for the film soundtrack was provided by Aman Hayer.


+1 #1 karen_m 2009-09-01 09:23
Watched the movie at the weekend, story is not all that but the songs are really good. The movie tells the story of a wealthy Punjabi businessman and farmer, whose family is badly affected by economic problems. His son then has to find a way to help his family, with the help of his friends, whilst also holding on to the love of his life, rest you have to go and see

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