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"Just Dance are looking for creative, fresh dance talent and for routines that wow us".

We are looking for creative, fresh dance talent and for routines that wow us, surprise us and make us smile. The series will launch in some of the biggest cities in Britain with auditions happening over the UK and in Ireland from September 2009.

The programme is a celebration of the amazing dance that takes place all over the UK and we are very keen for Bhangra dancing and other South Asian Dancing to have a significant presence in the competition.

Dancers can take part regardless of age, dance style or skill level.

We want to be treated to every style of dancing out there, with the likes of Bhangra boys performing next to B-Boy crews, line dancers and prima ballerinas. Dancers can compete alone or in pairs or groups.

The winners stand to receive a massive amount of exposure for their talent and win an exciting prize.

So if you have a dance you wish to enter, or your school has some dancers who are keen to take part, then please enter via the “Just Dance,” link on the Sky Website at: (Please note that each act or dancer should be entered on a separate application form.)

Over 18 million people watch dance performances in the UK every year and yours could be one of them.

The Closing Date for applications is: 31st October 2009







Ravi Sharma
0 #1 Ravi Sharma 2009-08-14 14:49
This is excellent news for a mainstream channel to acknowledge what the South Asians communities are trying to achieve. We should all take this opportunity to use this to show off our skills, and sites such as simplybhangra should be proud and thanked for bringing us opportunities like this, keep up the good work.

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