Breaking News: Moviebox Sign DJ SANJ

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MovieBox signs an Exclusive 3 album deal with Dj Sanj!



0 #7 MV 2009-09-08 16:36
It certainly is big news. His previous album Bollywood Punk was really good if you actually listen to the songs. The music was original and different. The music industry isn’t moving forward and some producers like tigerstyle, swami, sanj and dr zeus too name a few are actually trying now to make music that’s new and fresh. His future albums are going to be good with the singers that movie box has signed.
0 #6 Indiii 2009-08-11 20:07
Kal-M's certainly gunna be a busy boy!
menu sara kush pata
0 #5 menu sara kush pata 2009-08-11 17:49
sanj? j-nas? make up ur mind, this guy used to be big, onli cus he neva let the real artists in tha video! if u ask me, his best days are well behind him. look out for sharmillas album insted
0 #4 harj_ 2009-08-11 15:21
Das Ja,
Sohne Lenghe Waliye,
Sara Pind Mitran Da,
Tenu Bulundee,
Balle Balle Hogay Mitro,
Apna Punjab,
Boli Pani

This is why its big news, It is a big story if you know your bhangra..
dj as
0 #3 dj as 2009-08-11 14:56
breaking news...seriously?
ok sanj has made sum pretty good tracks but havent herd anything decent in a while. as for him joining aint gunna make me tell everybody on facebook about
0 #2 navin. 2009-08-10 20:52
1st Aman than than genie all goes to them, now this, man moviebox takeover of the Bhangra world!
0 #1 aps 2009-08-10 20:48
what the hellll omg i didnt see this coming!!

sanj is back

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