The Dark MC returns with the anthem 'Chori Chori'

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The DARK MC is BACK!! Watch out for his brand new album titled 'Incisive'

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The Dark MC is back with a brand new 10 track album. After the worldwide success of the explosive ‘Dushmani’, 2009 sees the return of The Dark MC, alongside Angel.

Set for an autumn release on the world renowned Moviebox label; the 10 track album ‘Incisive’ is one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year.!

Check out the teaser for the track ‘Chori Chori’ sung by the emphatic and enigmatic Jaswinder Daghamia.

Watch out for more information regarding this HUGE release coming real soon....

The Dark MC – Incisive - 2009


0 #23 freddie2k10 2009-11-19 16:01
Quoting [censored] Putt:
I dont understand why [censored] mc is not mcing on the track?maybe that he can mc so he has called him self [censored] mc im so confused:@

i dont think the song needed an mc

look at Panjabi MC - he only MC's on a FEW songs cos' even he knows some songs just dont need an MC
Desi Putt
-2 #22 Desi Putt 2009-11-19 15:54
I dont understand why [censored] mc is not mcing on the track?maybe that he can mc so he has called him self [censored] mc im so confused:@
0 #21 dackuu 2009-10-11 10:32
[censored] mc and and other wanna be producers are all f***ing bunch of tossers!! How can a track be by [censored] MC and featuring Jaswinder??? never give credit to the singer like they should do! it should be Jaswinder and music by (name). cant stand English producers. no wonder they dont get mainstream, cos they cant give credit to the person thats really made the track THE SINGER!
rogerthe rabbit
-3 #20 rogerthe rabbit 2009-10-10 13:25
how can a track be called a hit anthem before its even out? can somebody explain this please?
-2 #19 sav1111 2009-08-14 21:04
the [censored] mc and angel the best production duo in the industry
bhangras singh
0 #18 bhangras singh 2009-08-14 20:21
wow!! this promo sounds awesome hope the track is as good
0 #17 asdfhdj 2009-08-10 03:49
i fink angel produced dushmani and some other tracks from [censored] mcs "its gettin [censored] in here" album
A Dick Head
0 #16 A Dick Head 2009-08-09 21:31
sounds good man but why people gettin hyped up for this angel geezer hes only just entered the bloody scene
0 #15 jkamans 2009-08-09 11:27
its only 47 secs of the bloody intro cant determine what a track is gna be like when the drop hasnt come in ??

[censored] mc is sick end of he good producer and wkd mc.

did you see him spit at the bbc on frictions show.

0 #14 udontknowhowweroll 2009-08-09 05:30
maybe im wrng but isnt this the same type of beg. dushmani had? the lil sound affects with the accapela type vocal that is really deap in the beg. to me it sounds just like it but then again im not an expert so i might be wrong
0 #13 g12 2009-08-09 04:17
Quoting Bindi:
not like he made it anyway

Even if he didnt make it atleast its not recycled beats and the same old sh*t what every other persons dropping!

As for him being soundpipes reject then LOL, his album was pretty damn good, same cant be said about the stuff whats been coming out of soundpipe studios.
0 #12 ManiGill 2009-08-08 17:34
jaswinder Daghamia with Angels production skils.. MASSIVE HIT!

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