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Rishi Rich & Veronica become Desi Donors




British Asian music artists Rishi Rich & Veronica attended the first Desi Donors Bone Marrow and Blood Donor Recruitment Clinic on Sunday 26th July in Harrow, Middlesex, to join the Anthony Nolan Trust Register & National Blood Service Register.

Both the international music artists made history today by becoming Desi Donor’s first two official recruits by joining the Bone Marrow and Blood donor registers.

Rishi Rich who has worked with the likes of Britney Spears, Jay Sean & Craig David said he felt proud to be a Desi Donor:
“I really wanted to come and join today. I’m really proud to officially be on the register now as I know one day I could save someone’s life. People see us as just artists, but there’s more to us than that, we too have feelings & emotions and I really hope one day I can help save a life. There is such a lack of Asians on the register. It’s important people take influence of our involvement in Desi Donors and join the register themselves.”

Veronica explained how she had wanted to join the Blood Donor Register for some time, and had finally got round to it thanks to Desi Donors:
“Ironically I thought some time back that I wanted to give blood, so I did my research online but for some reason or another I didn’t actually get round to it – but today I have because of Desi Donors and I feel great that I’m helping save peoples lives. I hope by me and Rishi joining today we can help raise awareness. The Asian community must realize that they have to support such causes, and be proud to look in the mirror one day and say, “I’m going to do this”.”

Desi Donors which recently saw it’s launch on July 10th in the West Midlands held it’s first Bone Marrow and Blood Donor Recruitment Clinic with The Anthony Nolan Trust and National Blood Service focusing on the South Asian & Asian community to come and join the register on the 26th July in Harrow, London.

Desi Donors was launched when both Munjula and Reena became campaigners for an 8-year-old boy named Dean Sheikh who desperately needs a Bone Marrow transplant to help save his life, sadly a match has still not been found for Dean.

Dean like many other Asians is struggling to find a Bone Marrow match that could save his life because there are not enough Asians coming forward to join the register. 

Quite blatantly the facts state: That if you are white there is a 1 in 3 chance a match can be found, but if you are Asian then there is only a 1 in 125,000 chance that a match can be found.
Desi Donors aim to change this and hope to run regular registration clinics such as this with the help of the Anthony Nolan Trust throughout the whole of the UK.