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Parvinder Sandhar Signs Exclusive Recording Deal with Ravi Bal Productions.



Parvinder Sandhar


Ravi Bal Productions sign Parvinder Sandhar aka Parvinder Singh Sandhar.

This young teen is about to erupt across the globe with his unique voice and some monstrous collaborations on his debut album. 


With backing and Production from world renowned music producer Ravi Bal this promises to be a great debut for Parvinder.  

“I’m extremely privileged to have Ravi Bal producing my albums. It’s an honour and something I didn’t expect to happen with my first project. I’m still in shock and amazed with all the places I have travelled and the huge names I’ve met whilst recording with Ravi Bal. It’s a crazy experience and the album is not even released….” Parvinder Sandhar. 

“It’s very rare for me to personally sign an artist but in this case I made an exception and you will see and hear why when the album hits the streets. When a new artist enters our Punjabi music scene this is what I would expect from he or she…It’s not all about flashy lights and fancy clothes. You should genuinely have some real talent…..” Ravi Bal. 

Parvinder’s Album will consist of 10 Audio Tracks and 3 Music videos, followed by a promotional tour across cities around the globe. 

Parvinder has spent the last 12 months with Ravi Bal in India and Uk working on his debut album. You will also see Parvinder appearing as a host for some exclusive interviews with major stars in Punjab courtesy of RBP for UK Bhangra Culture on Brit Asia Tv. 

More info will be released shortly. 

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Parvinder Sandhar appears exclusive to Ravi Bal Productions UK.



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