The UK Asian Music Awards 2009 Winners

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Royal Festival Hall held the star-studded UK Asian Music Awards last night which is the only awards ceremony which celebrates the immense talent of British Asian music artists in the UK.

The all-star line up at the event made it one of the most exciting shows in the event’s seven year history. The theme for the night echoed the increasing trend of up and coming British Artists collaborating with top names from the USA and the UK. Jagged Edge put on a special performance with Brit-Asian producer Shayal, Amar performed her new song, ‘Show it Off’ with Jim Beanz and Rebel from the Timbaland production line and there was an all UK collaboration with D Boy, Sef, Truth, and Romeo of So Solid.

To add to the amazing line up, Pras Michel, formerly of US rap supergroup The Fugees teamed up with British Asian singer and actress Preeya Kalidas and we saw a funky twist to A R Rahman’s “Ringa Ringa” from the soundtrack of Oscar winning movie “Slumdog Millionaire” performed by Karen David, Shahin Badar and Metz and Trix. Rishi Rich Productions put on a fantastic set, showcasing some of their latest material.

And the winners are:

• Best Album – Jay Sean – My Own Way

• Best Act – H Dhami

• Best Male Artist – Jay Sean

• Best Female Artist –M.I.A

• Best Alternative Act – Nitin Sawhney

• Best Video – Jazzy B ‘Rambo’

 • Best International Act - Miss Pooja

• Best International Album – Gurdas Maan – Boot Polishan

• Best Newcomer – Jaz Dhami

• Best Producer – Rishi Rich

• Best Club DJ – DJ Vix

• Best Urban Act – Jay Sean

• Best Radio Show – Bobby Friction (BBC Asian Network)

• Outstanding Achievement – Rishi Rich

• Commitment to the Scene – A.R Rahman

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0 #28 RAni 2009-03-11 23:17
The ukamas is a load of rubbish. 70% of the artist pay for their awards. And if u have a look at each artist indvidualy and what theyve done over the past year, you will see that its all fixed. The Guys (the so-called organisers) use the ukamas as a money making scheme, and its funny coz there actually from india...and people like us pay money to go and see all this fixed award nonsense.. Firstly IM SICK AND TIRED of jay sean rishi rich and h dhami bagging awards. H dhami cant even sick he needs the cd playing in da back,, all h dhamis music sounds the same on the album, so rishi rich is actually a crap producer..The main man who has produced amazing work is Sukhshinder shinda,,he did all the music for jazzy b new album.. and whats with Nitin Sawhney geting a award, how dumb, how much did he pay??
THE UKAMAS IS a money making scheme..
0 #27 saj 2009-03-07 08:26
trust me this was a fix same people as last year won i was there at the awards and u knw what its all london people trust me its propa shady on some people dat didnt win i felt so sorry for some that deserved it take it from me media moghuls people behind the awards actually do pr for the artists that won it, so u decide, media moguls do pr for rishi rich, jay sean, dhami, so u dnt have to be surprised why they won it same time again like last year
0 #26 Sukh 2009-03-07 03:05
LOL @ the looser(s) trying to criticize us! It\'s quite funny. Why do you pay so much attention to us if you think we are crap? Funny isn\'t it? You make my \'job\' so much easier, please carry on.. I love all the attention we get!

They say when you\'re sucessful people hate how true that is.

0 #25 Guest 2009-03-07 00:07
simplybhangra just gets on with and dont make a fuss and i like the fact that we can comment and voice whats good or not, getting back to the post, the awards are fixed 100% many even dont know about awards, bring one to canada and we show howz it done the punjab style bruahhaa
sb vigilante
-1 #24 manvir the titsb vigilante 2009-03-06 19:28
Quote: always seems to copy other more prominent websites! its like they enjoy taking other peoples work, be original, stop copying!
Manvir u di*k this is the most prominent website . idiot. sb are the dogs b.... u know the rest. manvir go bk to ur so called prominent site. what the fk u doing here then? :woohoo:
0 #23 re:Ish 2009-03-06 18:07
Quote: always seems to copy other more prominent websites! its like they enjoy taking other peoples work, be original, stop copying!
Thank you for your observation, always good to know how individuals like yourself feel on how we are doing on the site. Much apprecaited. Awards pictures will be added soon.
0 #22 Guest 2009-03-06 18:04
waaaaaaaaaat... dj H shuda won...and hdhami shudve got the best male act too...cuz he\'s repping the asian scene baaaaaaaad!!!
komal Preet Singh
0 #21 oh god cant beleivekomal Preet Singh 2009-03-06 17:44
hey wats wrong with ukama..cant beleive...
Dj H deserve the best club Dj...look at the quality of their videos...jawani , marjavan....
really dissapointed that RELOADED didnt get any award.... :sad:
wat about Jas Johal...oh god...!!! :angry:
0 #20 manvir 2009-03-06 17:40
simplybhangra.c om always seems to copy other more prominent websites! its like they enjoy taking other peoples work, be original, stop copying!
Jaz Dhami Rockz
0 #19 Jaz Dhami Rockz 2009-03-06 16:12
0 #18 Guest 2009-03-06 15:30
BY the way SAPNA KATARIA is DJ H\'s SISTER / cousin - no wonder she is P*issed off he never got anything !! lol

but yeah agree that they need to move the awards back to birmingham - get proper bands involved and artists, such as Jazzy B, Shinda, PMC, Tigerstyle, moneyspinner, Zeus, Jassi Sidhu, Apna Sangeet, Heera, Alaap, Par[censored], DCS etc etc. Now thats a talanted list !!!

Bring back The BANDS !!!
0 #17 re:Gilly 2009-03-06 13:00
[quote=truth hurts]Look at the 2008 ones.

Best Act – Sukshinder Shinda
Best Album – Sukshinder Shinda – Living the Dream
Best Club DJ – Jags Klimax
Best Female Act – Hardkaur
Best Newcomer – H-Dhami
Best Producer – Swami
Best Radio Show – Adil Ray – BBC Asian Network
Best Urban Act – Jay Sean
Best International Act – Adnan Sami
Best Underground Act – Shaanti
Best Video – Jay Sean – Ride It
Best Website – [censored] Hits
Commitment to the Scene – Nitin Sawhney
Outstanding Achievement – Shin from DCS
Lifetime Achievement - Heera

And this year a pure joke. What hap[censored]ed to Shinda, Dj H why did they not win anything.

The next one MUST be done in Birmingham, this is not only fixed but all London based artists :Pinch:

I agree with you, but how could DJ H win anything? He\'s not even a ghost producer lol(which means he paid for the album)! Hes an executive producer. So is Shabir Ahmed of Movibox, so if anything Movibox had bigger albums than babycamp recordsa. So i say Shabbir Ahmed for best producer!

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