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Update from Jassi Jj


Birmingham's very own Jassi Jalandhri who delivered his fifth studio album "Nachna" is working on his next new projects.

jassi j

He is working on 2 'solo albums' from artists Hap-ee & Madan Maddi.  Hap-ee featured in the last album 'Nachna' on the song *Gal Manley*.  Madan Maddi the name behind the hit song, *Waffa* who is already a big name in bhangra indusry.  If that was not enough he is also working on his mix project which is coming  out very soon as well.

His last album "Nachna" represented a new stage of evolution for him, who is equally comfortable playing the role of writer, producer and vocalist. His up-tempo beats stir the soul, and his dance grooves will bring the music lovers to their feet.  Lyrically the album was packed with touching content, "My music is an expression of what I feel inside, explains Jassi, "the one and only rule is to have fun and enjoy!" 

More information as we get it!