Jaswinder Daghamia Coming to the UK!

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Jaswinder Daghamia
The man behind the hit singles 'Pegg'. 'Gabru Gulab Warga', 'Chutki' & many more! arrives in the UK on the 3rd December 2008

What can be expected from him?

Gigs - Comfirmed Bookings:

11th Dec 2008 Coventry (p.a)
24th Dec 2008 Coventry ( Maybe Live Band)


BBC Asian Network
Raaj radio
Punjab Radio
Brit Asia
Dm Digital
Upcoming Album:

Jaswinder Daghamia Solo Album: 'Yaar Nai Labde', will be releasing early next year.
He will also be featuring on Tubsy's Album: 'Loada Dhollocks'.
More information coming soon on both these albums. 
 We will be hooking up with Jaswinder soon, so this is your opportunity to get asking the questions that you would like answering, so get posting away.


0 #3 Guest 2009-01-02 05:09
naa i kno where ur comin from ..jaswinder daghamia has potential to be amazing but i think its jus gupsy aujlas production that brings down the quality of jaswinder daghamias voice his production is soo standard .
0 #2 lollol 2009-01-02 03:53
lol no offence but this guy aint that good, gupsy aint all that either, respect him though for getting this far.

jas what? his songs r crap
0 #1 Jeevan 2008-12-06 21:27
looking forward to dis after Pegg that was a wat u call a track and if theres production by Gubsy it shud be gd

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