Young Archie Assignment - Kar De Munde (Exclusive Promo)

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    Young Archie

The awesome foursome are back with a fresh frame of mind and a brand new dancefloor smasher. ‘Kar De Munde’ features the Punjabi vocals of none other than India’s Tanvir Gogi. This latest song clearly highlights the versatility of Young Archie Assignment moving from the RnB/Dance rhythms of the previous track BeeSting; to the more funky Bhangra dynamics of Kar De Munde. 

Young Archie Assignment is at the forefront of cutting edge music. The band has already created huge waves across the UK and abroad with their very own unique eclectic sound. Fabulous harmonies, haunting vocals and great stage appeal have gained the team access to some of the top Radio and TV shows available including a stint on Radio One and appearances at gigs alongside Jay Sean and Raghav amongst others.

Steadily heading towards a debut album next year, Archie is astounded by the speed at which the general public have warmed to the YAA sound: “It’s’s a bit surreal. I got a recently got an enquiry asking if we would consider a gig in Dubai and India. I don’t think any of us expected anything like that. Just a few months ago we were happy to be performing in Manchester and now we’re talking about airports”.

YAA are busy in the studio working on their next surprise – expect more tunes soon!



meena kaur
0 #7 meena kaur 2008-11-14 13:42
loveIt :-)
0 #6 jass 2008-11-13 19:28
i think these guys have the potential. you just should not let people put you down. i was also there on sunday and do agree that you need to put more a performance on, but your music is very good. i enjoyed it and think this is an excellent track. you have a fan!! :-) ;-) x
DQ 2K8
0 #5 DQ 2K8 2008-11-13 00:16
Gotta say guys, I was there this weekend at millenium point in birmingham and saw this group live too... They do need to work on their performance, but all on all they\'ve got some sick beats and as being a part of the crowd, I was really enjoying their sound. Good luck to them!!! :D x
Young Archie
0 #4 Young Archie 2008-11-12 23:36
Hi there. Thanks for the comments. feedback is appreciated to help us improve. Regarding Tanvir Gogi, it was actually him and his team that had written the lyrics for this track after listening to the music. He did infact like the vibe and chose to write to it. Thanks anyway and i hope we can, in the future, come up with a vibe that you like. Thanks again.

Archie (YAA)
0 #3 Sid 2008-11-12 23:19
Naaahhhhh!!! This is a sick tune. aint the same old shit. I think these guys have something different to offer. well done!
0 #2 Guest 2008-11-12 20:56
haha someone worse than sugar kane now thats sad .. their first track was better than this, seen them live at the weekend and they need a lot of improvement if they are to get somewhere, good luck though, hard work pays in the end
0 #1 LOLMr_Manj 2008-11-12 20:52
Man o Man i didnt fink it could be possible but dese ppl have jus made bhangra gay wt da hell is that if tanvir gogi heard dat he would sue dese ppl

dese ppl should jus stick 2 wt eva dey dun b 4 and stay away from bhangra and punjabi my gosh big suga kane even sounds beta den dis

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