Introducing 'Tubsy Records'

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 Tubsy Records



tubsy records

Not many artists can truly claim to have changed the sound of Bhangra percussion, or even claim to have been and still continue to be a true innovator and pioneer.


Having worked with likes of Shinda, Jazzy B, Alaap, Kuldeep Manak, and the late Yamla Jat Lal Chand mentioning only some of the many more, he is a master of the Dholki, Dhol and Tabla. 
Who we talking about?  He is the one and only, Tubsy caught up with him recently on his return from India to see what he has been upto;
  "I have been working on my new record label, 'Tubsy Records' with the first release being "Gurcharan Mall - Akh Matacka" which is being released very soon.  I have also been working on my debut album and that will be coming soon, so what this space!"
Both albums will be releasing in the coming months on Tubsy Records, so watch out for more information at! 



0 #2 Guest 2008-11-03 03:23
Hi there! just wanna give a shout out to Mr.Bhupinder singh, aka Tubsy.He\'s the main man.I met tubsy 20yrs ago,this man is the best live dholki,dhol and tabla player in the bhangra industry.Plus which ever bhangra band he roll\'s with at that time become the best live band. And recently been playin with DCS. And most recently at the Miss pooja and Jazzy B live in West brom.Where Bhota jagpal was playin the keyboard and tubsy on dholki with Jazzy B they just ripped it up that nite. Keep it [censored],Keep it live. later Mr.I Rana.
0 #1 ranjit 2008-09-23 15:50
:woohoo: damn tubsy that guy is wicked, he done some tracks on the new pmc album as well, is that true? simplybhangra crew sure bringing us the exclusives nice one, cant wait for his albim, who done the music? who is on it?

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