MOVIEBOX acquires the entire catalogue of MULTITONE RECORDS!

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MOVIEBOX acquires the entire catalogue formerly known as SAVERA INVESTMENTS / MULTITONE RECORDS.


Moviebox are proud to announce that on Friday 5th September 2008 we completed a ground breaking deal with Nuff Music Limited to acquire the entire Savera Investments / Multitone Records catalogue.

This catalogue holds immeasurable sentimental value for Mr. Pravin Gohil, Mr. Hasmukh & Ms. Lisa Gohil and after a great deal of deliberation they felt that transferring the responsibility of this musical heritage to Moviebox would fortify and develop its continued success.

Originally developed by Savera Investments / Multitone Records from 1978 to 1994 the catalogue includes block buster hits from the likes of DCS, ALAAP, APNA SANGEET, CHIRAG PEHCHAAN, PREMI, AZAAD, SAHOTAS, BALWINDER SAFRI, RESHMA, AMARJIT SIDHU, KULJIT BHAMRA, XLNC, AMAR, MANGAL SINGH, SHAVA SHAVA & MAHENDRA KAPOOR to name but a few.

The catalogue was acquired by SONY BMG for a short period and then was reacquired by the original proprietors of Savera Investments / Multitone Records; Mr. Pravin Gohil & Mr. Hasmukh Gohil as Nuff Music Limited.

Their enthusiasm and commitment to the catalogue is reflected in the fact that this body of work is considered to be a major part of UK Asian music history to date.

Moviebox is growing from strength to strength despite difficult times in the music industry. Our belief in the importance of artist and catalogue development, tied to a commitment to quality demonstrates our passion for the Bhangra Music industry.

After acquiring Kamlee Records & Kismet Records we believe the acquisition of the Savera Investments / Multitone Records catalogue is the one of our greatest achievements to date.

This could only have been achieved with the blessings of our well wishers and the continued support from everybody in the music industry. Moviebox are the worlds leading Bhangra music label with artists such as SUKSHINDER SHINDA, JAZZY B, RISHI RICH, RAVI BAL, JASSI SIDHU, HUNTERZ, DCS, SHAZIA MANZOOR, MISS POOJA, ABRAR UL HAQ & not forgetting B21 along with the solo project deals with BHOTA JAGPAL & BALLY JAGPAL.

Moviebox also has a native catalogue which is second to none and includes the likes of GURDAS MAAN, PANJABI MC, STEREO NATION, SAHOTAS, BABBU MAAN, TIGERSTYLE, AMRINDER GILL, A.S. KANG & many more.

 We now look forward to bringing you quality BHANGRA music from the


We would like to sincerely thank Mr. Pravin Gohil, Mr. Hasmukh Gohil & Ms. Lisa Gohil for their hard work and efforts to bring this acquisition to fruition.

Kind Regards,

Shabbir Ahmed & Kamraan Ahmed



0 #6 valetisaab 2013-05-30 06:09
looking for chirag pehchan chilli maal
0 #5 Guest 2008-09-09 15:05
Uve got to buy dj Vix\'s new album \'the official Moviebox vixtape\' Its all mixed up and hot
-1 #4 RE: MOVIEBOX acquires the entire catalogue of MULTITONE RECORDS!Sukh 2008-09-06 23:11
Two faced? Having an opinion is fine. We were sent a press release by a record label, just because I have my own opinions about a label or artist does NOT mean we will not promote their material/PR statements.

Also \'taking the piss\' and a constructive argument are two very different things.
-3 #3 RE: MOVIEBOX acquires the entire catalogue of MULTITONE RECORDS!fauji 2008-09-06 22:08
one minute this guy sukh is takin the piss out of the label, next minute hes putting stuff about them, talk about being 2faced.
-1 #2 RE: MOVIEBOX acquires the entire catalogue of MULTITONE RECORDS!Guest 2008-09-06 20:08
noooo this sure is not the best move, with all the delays, lack or pr of albums, videos only on tv, what will hap[censored] to the industry? If moviebox start working on their pr and release albums when they say it than they sure have taken over the Bhangra industry :shock:
0 #1 RE: MOVIEBOX acquires the entire catalogue of MULTITONE RECORDS!Guest 2008-09-06 18:11
woah moviebox are the undisputed biggest label in bhangra!!!

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