Introducing DAS Records

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DAS Records- ‘The Independent Record Label And Artist Management Consultancy’

The self-styled independent label are set to take on the industry labels who are threatening to throw talented individuals away in order to cash in on over-commercial deals and in turn minimise the level of success the UK Bhangra/Urban Asian industry. DAS Records revolve around the artist, making them and their releases a priority. With this philosophy in mind the label hopes to endure success with two major releases this summer.


The Label, founded by DAS Entertainments signed RKZ in early 2008. The fresh, aspiring R&B phenomenon is set to release his debut album Releas’d via DAS Records in June of this year. The main single of the Album titled Be Mine/Renegades is set to feature DAS Entertainments and the highly acclaimed rapper Raxstar. The album features many well-known acts on the Brit-Asian, Urban scene as well as being produced by the talented beat-wizard Kaos.

Jus Ritz

It’s been 2 years in the making, Jus The Beginning the debut album by aspiring DJ & Bhangra producer Jus Ritz will be releasing worldwide in summer 2008! Jus Ritz will be performing at a number of Pre album launches around the UK & abroad in order to gain public recognition. The album will be releasing via DAS Records in August of this year, two big budget videos are in planning stages as we speak. 
‘We make our artist’s feel as though they are running their own project, we oversee them and advise them on what they should or should not do but we leave the choices up to them. After-all they are the ones with creative minds, we give them the confidence to aspire in ways which exceeds the potential of the artists. We believe the Artist’s are the future’

-DAS Records 


0 #16 Guest 2008-09-27 01:03
YOU GUYS ARE fu**ing CLASS!!!!!

0 #15 gurdeep 2008-05-24 12:59
yer ive herd some tracks from rkz\'s new album, it sounds really good and i gota give it to the young guy man hes talented! for Jus ritz ive herd one song called Tere Na Te Glassy and that sounds sooo hectic i hope they make a video for it, i hope the rest of the albim is jus as amazing as that one track
0 #14 Guest 2008-05-15 01:06
rkz has got two new tracks up on his myspace.. be mine, and inside her..
can check that out at .. as for just ritz, i haven\'t heard much music, mainly hype.. the album must be quite impressive coz the amount of attention.. let\'s see what its like when the albums out!
0 #13 Guest 2008-05-06 18:20
ive herd some stuff on their myspace but i dont think that is jus ritz\'s album promo i think its the track hes dne for RKZ\'s album
0 #12 DAS RECORDS 2008-05-06 00:16
Whats good guys!

Pre-order RKZ-Releas\'d Vol1 now and get a signed copy for only £5! The young RnB maestro\'s Video will be out on worldwide television this summer along with mega radio promotion for hit tracks Be Mine/Renegades Remix (ft RAXSTAR) & Rock Ya!

The album will be exclusively available through DAS Records & RKZ\'s myspace!

check out for more information!

Jus Ritz\'s album will be releasing on DAS Records in August/Septembe r this year featuring some of bhangra\'s heaviest vocalists including Raj Kaul which is definately a name to look out for!

I\'ve heard some promo\'s for the album and it does sound pretty amazing, its nearly finished up, we\'re in the mixing down/mastering stages at the moment. Promo\'s will be up on the web in the near future, make sure you listen to them and give us some feedback!

We are trying to diversify ourselves from other labels by giving the artists creative freedom, releasing material which they feel passionately about instead of trying to dictate to them what they should release. At least hear the music before dissing it, I gurantee you will be satisfied with what you hear, we just want to give this industry the music it deserves, young artist\'s with this level of potential need to be exposed and hopefully DAS Records will be able bring out the best in them!
0 #11 Guest 2008-05-05 23:43
lol tru say ladoo records got shown up hardd.

newy wer can we listen to these guys promos?
0 #10 Guest 2008-05-05 21:22
he was on ladoo i think but he probs left coz they r a bunch of cowboys lol
0 #9 Anonymous 2008-04-29 16:16
Ive Heard Some Stuff From The DAS Records Artist\'s & Its Brilliant.

Dont Hate Till You Heard It Atleast...
Phreak Studios
0 #8 Phreak Studios 2008-04-28 01:48
I\'ve heard some samples from Be Mine/Renegades

Looks to be a huge hit people!
0 #7 Guest 2008-04-27 23:08
wasnt jus ritz menna b on ladoo records........ ....?
0 #6 Sandeep 2008-04-27 21:55
y r there so many haters? y dnt u jus let the music talk for its self?
0 #5 Ricky 2008-04-27 21:28
i herd some tracks from Jus Ritz\'s album, 0ne track is a properrr sick dance floor track. any idea wen its releasing?

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