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Pros and Cons of Learning Bhangra Dance

Bhangra is the name used to categorize numerous types of dance styles and forms from South Asia. These dances stemmed from the Punjab area of Northern India and Northeast Pakistan. The typical bhangra dance consists of numerous dancers arranged in a circle moving with energy. Their shoulders or arms are usually raised as they move to the beats of the dhol drum. 

This dance was previously a rural dance that was usually done at harvest festivals, but the bhangra music still holds a lot of popularity in Punjabi today. And now, more people are starting to pick up this dance and learn from all parts of the world including Canada. If you are a resident of Canada, you probably know that this country is the second-largest based in its overall area. This means you will surely find many people who have learned about the bhangra dance and practice it and use it to make a show at the hotel. Also, you will find bhangra dances in Bollywood movies and merged with music genres like reggae and hip hop. 

If you are wondering if this dance is worth learning, this article will go into detail about the origins along with the pros and cons of learning the Bhangra dance. 

A Look into The Origins of Bhangra 

Like we stated earlier, this dance stemmed from the Punjab area starting from 2000 BC. The typical bhangra dance was a mixture of songs, amazing beats, and outstanding music. The music stemmed from the iktar, a musical instrument with a single string, alongside the chitma and tumbi. However, beats were from the dhol drum. Today, the beats of the song are usually provided by dholki, which is another instrument. There are also other musical instruments commonly used including dafli, and dholki. Finally,  the singers sing the song in verses known as bolis. 

About The Music Used in the Bhangra  Dance 

Bhangra songs are usually centered around themes like cash, marriage, among others. Sometimes, the music will contain stories about the greatest heroes of the state. People like Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh have been the focus of numerous bhangra tracks that praise them and their exploits. The bhangra music singers use very energetic tones and frequently add unique phrases like Balle Balle, and many more, to the music.  

The Bhangra Costume 

The typical Bhangra costume includes a kurta which is like a buttoned shirt made from silk. It is also not fitted and comes with embroidered patterns. This is usually merged with lungi, a well-designed cloth that dancers tie to their waist, alongside jugi, a waistcoat that does not come with buttons. The dancers also put on a turban alongside toria, which has the shape of a fan, and carry beautifully coloured scarves which they tie on their fingers, known as rummal. The rummal looks great when dancers move their hands as they perform. Some dancers may also take things further by wearing a mountain or small ring in their ears. 

The Bhangra Dance Movements

The bhangra dance usually consists of male dancers arranged in a circle, dancing around the whoever is beating the drums. At frequent intervals, the drummer lifts up the drum sticks to inform the dancers that the tempo is about to be higher. They begin by slowly moving their feet and as they include their hands along with their entire body as the rhythm becomes faster.

They spin around and alternatively bend and straighten their body,  hopping on a single leg, putting up their hands, and applauding while they say, Bale Bale! All the dancers cease movement at various intervals but keep on using their feet to go along with the tempo. During the dance, one of the dancers goes near the person hitting the drum and uses his palm to cover his left ear while singing a dholla or boali. This is usually from the ancient Punjab songs, and the dancers start to dance with even more energy. 

Pros and Cons of Learning the Bhangra Dance Now

There are many reasons to learn the bhangra dance today. First, Bhangra links people to many hidden masculine values set through industry, labour, bravery in various endeavours, etc. Also, Bhangra has become a very popular dance around the globe for men and women. It is now integrated into reggae styles of music, hip-hop, and many more. This means learning it is a great way to keep up with the recent music trends. 

Also, the bhangra dance is very entertaining. If you run a casino, it is a great way to make a show at the casino for your clients and keep them happy. 

Lastly, even though bhangra dance has gone through many changes, it still retains a sense of tradition and cultural identity at its source.  In essence, learning the Bhangra dance is a great way for anyone to remain closer to the culture and tradition in this fast-paced era. This is particularly important when you are living in a country like Canada. Canada is a very populated country consisting of people from all parts of life and various traditions. It is very easy to get lost amongst the various traditions and forget about your own culture. But by learning bhangra dance, you stick with your traditions in Canada even though it is far away from home.

Lastly, bhangra dance is a great way for many people who can’t go to the gym to work out. It is effective and gets you the desired results while ensuring you have fun. As an online gambler or one who has an online casino business, this can be highly beneficial since you may spend most times sitting in a spot when you want to gamble or run your business. Learning the bhangra dance is a great way to work out and stretch your legs without leaving the comfort of your home after playing online scratch cards

There is really no drawback of learning this dance as it is a win-win since you lose nothing if you don’t. Instead, you lose out on a lot of benefits if you fail to learn this dance. 

About the Author 

Kevin N. Cochran is passionate about learning various histories, cultures, and traditions. This passion has made him an expert in everything bhangra, and now he shares his knowledge with people who also want to learn. 


Bhangra dance is one that is continuously growing in popularity, and this is not without reason. It is easy to learn and helps anyone get closer to culture. Also, It is a great dance for anyone who is looking for an easy way to exercise after spending the whole day sitting and learning various Blackjack strategies.

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