Sir Aah - Break Ya Waistline ft. R.E.U.B. (Video)

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Sir Aah Biography

"If he's gonna give you his story, he's gonna give it to you straight.

He goes by Sir Aah aka The Real Panjabi MC. He came up like most other MCs have, a student of the game. Sir Aah's coming straight outta VA, representing for the whole Middle East aka DMV. DMV stands for DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

The area is unrepresented in hip-hop, which is rare because nowadays every city is on the map. Sir Aah's gonna let you know about the part of I-95 that's after Philly and before Carolina (peace to the Little Brother fam!).

Sir Aah also has a special angle on this MC game 'cuz his roots stem from all over the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent. His whole aim is to represent the unrepresented. Baltimore to Virginia Beach, Morocco to Bangladesh, "that's all me baby!" says Sir Aah.

Aight y'all, now that you got a lil' background on your boy... Check out his music and spread the word!"



Sir Aah - Break Ya Waistline ft. R.E.U.B. -  Break Ya Waistline Move It To The Bassline Gyal, Ya So Fine I Love It When You "Slow Grind" 1st Single off of The Mr. Ahmad Album Directed by Malik Pollard of MadFlavorTV 2008 Tax Free Records 


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