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Presenting a contagious brand of Hip Hop - Blitzkrieg is brewing up a major storm in the UK Desi scene with his clever lyrics, verbal skills and powerful delivery.

From Toronto, Canada, Blitzkrieg can be heard across radio stations up and down the UK, capturing listeners with his opinions and enticing them with his melodious collaborations. A truly talented artist, he has been working hard, putting pen to paper, creating conscious music and performing to masses – including freestyling in the middle of Leicester Square to get his flavour of Hip Hop heard by the world – Hip Hop with an Indian twist.

This lyrical whiz kid first came to the UK’s attention in 2001, when one of his mixtapes were picked up by Punjabi MC and played on his online radio show ‘60 Minutes of Desi’. The show was inundated with calls asking for more – there began the UK’s addiction to Blitzkrieg.

The name Blitzkrieg may be confusing for some or even difficult to pronounce but his name is something that has great personal significance to him. Meaning ‘lightening warfare’, the name Blitzkrieg, often shortened to ‘Blitz’, was given to this urban artist by his friend Robby who used the term to describe his potent lyrical delivery. In 2003, Robby was the unfortunate victim of a triple homicide in Blitzkrieg’s hometown of Toronto. Blitz carries this name as a badge of honour and in memory of his lost friend.

Influenced by hip hop legend Nas, Blitzkrieg’s music focuses on lyrical content and ingeniously delivering messages on social issues. He has worked hard to perfect his art and learn about the music industry; with two marketing degrees, this artist has worked at urban radio stations and record labels and without any financial backing, connections or a record deal this self-marketed artist, has toured the world promoting his music.

Having created a massive following and aggressive street buzz through his vicious punch lines and intellectual lyrics, Blitz’s talent has also attracted and led to collaborations with acclaimed artists such as Mentor Kolektiv, Tigerstyle, Bikram Singh, Punjabi Hit Squad and Sona Family and his growing popularity has led to performances at various melas and festivals including Glastonbury. His pure passion for Hip Hop, his drive to learn and his talent has definitely positioned Blitzkrieg as one of the most cutting edge artists of recent times.

In the short time that he has been in the UK music scene, Blitzkrieg has made great achievements including 3 singles in the BBC Asian Network top 10, has featured on Desi DNA’s and BBC Asian Network’s special live music showcase on BBC2 and his album ‘The Rhyme Book’ has earned him two nominations for the UK Asian Music Awards – Best Newcomer and Best Urban Act. Demand for Blitzkrieg’s new and fresh Hip Hop has lead to performances at both Zee TV’s and the BBC Asian Network’s university tours and he has also performed in Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Detroit, Vancouver, Toronto and of course the UK. New destinations including Dubai, India and Australia are standing by to be Blitzed.

Blitzkrieg’s debut album The Rhyme Book was released through Vip Records/Soldier Sound Recordings in October 2007 and is one of last year’s most popular albums. The album has been well received within the UK Urban Desi scene and gained award nominations.

On this album that is based on personal experiences, Blitzkrieg has plenty to say and says so with confidence and intelligence. Themes range from political consciousness - Time To Educate, dedications to lost loved ones - Don't Get On The Train and struggles faced by young Desi youth - My Life and Too Late. The album also gives us the hit club tracks Juliet or Heer, Narm Kalja and Way I Shine that features Nikita from the 2006 series of X-Factor.

A diverse album, it provides a little something every listener and features some of the best International Asian talent such as Tigerstyle, Mentor, Bikram Singh, Gunjan, Des-C, Roach Killa, Saq, Gurbax Shonki, Hollywood Harv, Bob Mann, Nikkita, and Dacoz.

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looks so cute on the video on the front - :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:
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yo ma boi whts apnen ur mzk is cool the best in the scene right nw lol. . . . . . . . .. yeah u wish. . . . . .. bt ur tracks are go man lovn it yo yo yo. .. peacve . . . .

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