Bhangra Bash 2008 (Line-up added)

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Bhangra Bash is a dance competition that features the traditional East Indian folk dance, bhangra.  Dance troupes from around the nation travel to Seattle every year to deliver amazing presentations of dance and music which help to celebrate and promote the East Indian culture.

It has become an overwhelmingly popular event in its first four years of existence – and this year’s show promises to exceed all prior year’s expectations.   In year’s past, the show has been held at the prestigious Meany Hall on the University of Washington campus – where over 1,200+ individual enjoyed incredible spectacles put on by some of the most talented dancers in the nation!

Organized by the Indian Student Association (ISA) at the University of Washington.  As students and members of the South Asian community, we (the ISA) hope to use Bhangra Bash as a tool to spread more knowledge about the vast and fruitful East Indian culture.  Annually hosted Bhangra Bash, the Premier Bhangra Competition where the best professional dance teams of this specialty from across the US and Canada will be held on March 29 . Often they include live acoustic band; some even with their own original compositions to go along with their creative choreography.

To complete the Desi event there is a HUGE afterparty which will star a renowned guest artist this year at the Showbox (Seattle's extant entertainment venue that has provided local music fans with an astonishing breadth of music over the decades by hosting the biggest artist from around the world).

Here's the line-up for Bhangra Bash 2008!

Apna Bhangra Crew, Washington

Apna Virsa Allstars, British Columbia

Bhangra's Most Wanted, California

Jawani Bhangra, British Columbia

PANJ - Boys, British Columbia

Ronak Punjab Di, California

UBC Girlz, British Columbia

United Bhangra, British Columbia

USC Jachdi Jawani, California

Wash U St. Lungitics, Missouri

See You All There!


jatti89 - pree
0 #5 jatti89 - pree 2008-04-21 13:37
apna bhangra crew are my fav :cheer:
0 #4 anonymous 2008-03-20 18:57
ABC baby!!!!
Lets go!
0 #3 Guest 2008-03-18 00:55
yAY!! :lol:
0 #2 Guest 2008-02-27 22:36
whats hap[censored]in g with the after show -who is coming :woohoo:
Bhangra Crazyy
0 #1 Bhangra Crazyy 2008-02-14 10:31
This is going to be wicked, cant wait ... USC Jachdi Jawani all the way ... does anyone else go, what you supporting???

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