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Upcoming Movie Zahoor ft. Parmish Verma

It was only last month when Parmish Verma surprised everyone about his forthcoming movie ‘Singham’ and now he has announced he will be part of another movie entitled ‘Zahoor’ by Omjee Group.

He shared the first look of the poster on his social media pages. The film will be based on true events from the 18th century which will be releasing in 2019.

Films which have told a story from the past have always done extremely well such as ‘Punjab 1984,’ as people have learnt something from them and when watching those types of films the audiences mind is diverted to that era and are emotionally and mentally connected.

Also these genres of films are something which can be referred back to by future generations.

Hoping alongside Parmish’s acting career he will continue with his main passion as a video director and continue providing us with his clean and enjoyable punjabi music videos.

No further information has been released about the film. Watch this space for updates!

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