Ameet Gaurr to host Bollywood Fashion and Music Awards

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Ameet Gaurr to host Bollywood Fashion and Music Awards at Trump Taj Mahal Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey -NOV 17, 2007 

Ameet Gaurr, a super model, stunning actor and now Host of the prestigious Bollywood Music and Fashion Awards

Ameet Gaurr, EEG Talent client , has been picked by the committee of the renowned Bollywood Group in New York as  one of the hosts for the Bollywood Music and Fashion Awards to be held in New Jersey at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey on Nov 17, 2007. 

Ameet Gaurr who has gone from being a super model to being an actor on the silver screen as the lead in Vikram Bhatt's Fear has caused quiet a stir in the US. 

Kamal Dandona, Chairman of Bollywood Group was quoted as saying " Ameet Gaur has been a regular participant at the Bollywood awards and has also won an award . Ameet has a history with the Bollywood Awards and he is the right choice as the host for the Fashion and Music Awards. He's a dynamic young man and Bollywood Group had recognized this young man's talent and were the first ones to honor him. We are very glad that he's making the transition into movies and hope to see him achieve great things" .

Preparations have begun for the Bollywood Music Awards where prominent Indian composers and singers will be honored for their work in 2006/07.Performers from India,Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Caribbean are expected to perform at the event to be held Nov 17 at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey

The musical and fashion extravaganza is expected to draw

thousands of people from all over the U.S. Canada, and the Caribbean where the audience can see their favorite stars in flesh, as well as enjoy live performances.

Bollywood Awards is the largest South Asian event management company outside of South Asia. The company holds three marquee events: the Bollywood Movie, Music and Fashion Awards. The three Award ceremonies can be likened respectively to the People's Choice Awards, Grammy Awards and the VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards.

The distinguished Bollywood Group of Companies has played host to hundreds of members of the Indian film industry, business tycoons, socialites, as well as mainstream American personalities such as Michael Jackson, Richard Gere, Sharon Stone, Michael Bolton, Tyra Banks, Harvey Weinstein, Diane Von Furstenberg, Nikki Hilton to name a diverse few.

Over the years, the Awards ceremonies have often enjoyed a vast viewing television audience of over 250 million in South Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America, South Africa, Russia as well as the former Soviet Republics

Ameet Gaurr is a multi-talented  Model, Pilot and Actor. Ameet Gaurr, who made his debut in Vikram Bhatt's forthcoming thriller Fear has to his credit   campaigns for Santro, Garnier, Pantaloons, Sheetal, Roopam  and Boro Plus with Kareena Kapoor.As a model Ameet has worked with Bollywood heavyweights such Rocky.S, Vikram Phadnis, Neeta Lulla and other leading designers in the country before his leap into Bollywood Films. Bollywood offers were plenty  but  Ameet decided to work with Vikram Bhatt because he believed that the lead role in Fear was the right one for him to showcase his talent.

 Currently Ameet has a couple of  film projects that he is working on in the USA. He's most excited about his opportunity to work with Romain Kapadia a New York Based Designer who is a celebrity designer to names like Ricky Martin, Jared Leto, David Bowie and Brandon Routh.


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Ameet Gaurr is a fantastic actor and he is also a pretty good host as it turns out.

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