B4U Launch First Bollywood Channel in Malaysia

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B4U Network is proud to announce the launch of B4U Channel on Astro, Malaysia on the 1st June 2009.

B4U channel would be a dedicated feed especially for Malaysia & Asia pacific countries. The B4U channel to be launched will be a hybrid of Bollywood movies, and Music, showcasing blockbuster hits, exclusive music, film-based programs and star studded interviews. This is the first time that B4U will be launching a hybrid channel that will be an exclusive fusion of B4U Movies and B4U Music and much more.

This dedicated B4U channel would be targeting and catering to the local Malay mainstream audience. B4U will be available on Astro, as a part of the Mustika, Malay Pack (non-Indian package) along with two other Malay channels.

Launching as a part of a non-Indian pack will mean that B4U will be able to cater to a wider audience who have previously not been able to fully enjoy Bollywood entertainment. To overcome the language barrier and create a wider appeal, the channel will be subtitled in Bahasa- Malaysia and English.

Ashok Shenoy Head of Business & International Distribution states “We are extremely delighted to extend B4U footprint to Malaysia on one of the prestigious platform like Astro. And as a part of our expansion strategy in coming months we are going to continue launching B4U channels in many more territories globally."  

Malaysian audience are heavily inclined towards Bollywood entertainment and B4U will cater to appetite of this strong following and pioneer the Bollywood market in Malaysia.

Sunil Rohra CEO of B4U Network Ltd states “B4U is proud to join forces with Astro and we intend to create a market for Bollywood in Malaysia. The hybrid B4U channel will show the best of Bollywood movies and music and exemplify the quality of B4U content.”


-1 #2 re:Guest 2009-05-21 15:39
who gona go malaysia to wtch b4u
lolz i think its for the people already living in malaysia!!!
-1 #1 Guest 2009-05-21 15:14
who gona go malaysia to wtch b4u

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