?Aladin? arrives in Tinseltown?

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‘Aladin’ arrives in Tinseltown…

“Two people sat in the coffee shop of Marriott and believed that they will make a film which has never been seen before on the Indian screen…”

This one line by Sujoy Ghosh on his blog is enough to arouse the curiosity of get cinema lovers.

The talented film-maker, whose debut film ‘Jhankaar Beats’ became a landmark film is now on his way to creating another benchmark in Bollywood. And the film in question is none other than ‘Aladin’ (adventure, visual dslight) 
And as a first-of-its kind initiative, Sujoy has created a special blog to give movie enthusiasts an insight into the magnanimous task of making an epic film like ‘Aladin’.

The visionary Director has initiated a blog where he plans to share every moment of making the film. He will tell readers about how ‘Aladin’ came into being, how he managed to put together such an extraordinary star cast and what’s more in the anvil. The blog will also contain some exclusive pictures taken on the sets of ‘Aladin’, which will further give an insight into the entire experience of making a colossal film!

Over time, the cast & crew and friends will step in and blog, pitch, joke, bitch, rant, rave on the blog. Sabu Cyril, art director extraordinaire, will take us through the stunning sets he created and the thought processes behind each. And there’ll be bits and bytes from the various crew members who braved the elements and temperaments to make ‘Aladin’.  

Aladin’ is produced by Eros International / Boundscript and stars Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Riteish Deshmukh.

‘Aladin’ is slated to release in July this year.

Director Sujoy promises the film to be a visual treat. “It will be like eating ice-cream with your eyes” he quips!

To be a part of the magical journey, visit

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