Akshay climbs the world's tallest building for Singh is Kinng!

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Only Akshay Kumar could have pulled off this stunt!


While shooting for Singh Is Kinng on the Gold Coast in Australia, superstar Akshay Kumar would climb 78 floors up and 78 down down regularly in the building where the team was put up despite the rigorous shooting schedule.
And this was no ordinary building!
It was, in fact, Q1 (meaning Queensland Number One), which is the tallest residential tower in the world. At 322.5 metres (1,058 feet including spire) and with a roof height of 275 metres (902 ft), it has 78 storeys.
Akshay's 156-storey hike was so motivational for the unit that actress Neha Dhupia, being a proper sardarni, took up the challenge and followed in his footsteps (literally!)
When asked to confirm the news, she laughs, "Yes, it's true! When Akshay started, I knew had to as well! It was a mind over matter situation for me. And since Singh Is Kinng is about positive attitude, I gave it a shot was extremely impressed with myself! I did it in under 30 minutes without cheating!" She adds, "After the hike, I was dead to the world though. I'd return to my room and crash!"
Shortly after Neha, it became a practice for some of the other unit members to climb up and down as well. Neha smiles, "Everyone was like, if a girl can do it, why can't we?!"
Looks like this is only a sampler of the action this keenly anticipated film is likely to bring our way!
Singh Is Kinng is out in cinemas on August 8 with previews in select locations on August 7. It is an Indian Films - Studio 18 worldwide release. 


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