Ocean of Pearls (Movie)

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Omid Abtahi: Amrit Singh

Heather McComb: Susan Clark

Ron Canada: Dr. William Ballard

Navi Rawat: Smita Sethi

Ajay Mehta: Ravinder Singh

Todd Babcock: Ryan Bristol

Dennis Haskins: Dr. Shultz

KT Thangavelu: Amrit's mother

Rena Owen: Anna

Brenda Strong: Mary Stewart


Casting Director: Emily Schweber

Cinematographer: Lon Stratton

Editor: Jason Stewart

Music Composer: Pinar Toprak

Additional Compositions: Karsh Kale

Vocalist: Snatam Kaur Khalsa

Producers: Sarab & Jaspal Kaur Neelam

Executive Producers: Jeff Dowd & Jim Burstein

Story by: Sarab S Neelam & V. Prasad

Screenwriter: V. Prasad

Director: Sarab S Neelam

Amrit Singh is a doctor in North America, a turban wearing Sikh, he has lived his life in Canada, out of sorts and out of place, cast adrift between East and West.

He is from a family that holds on to their religious beliefs and is bred in the ethos of professionalism, but Amrit Singh is of two worlds and he belongs to neither. When he sees his dream of becoming Chief of Surgery at a state-of-the-art transplant center in Detroit dwindle because of his appearance, Amrit goes against his life long tradition and cuts his hair.

Hiding his decision from his girlfriend and family in Toronto is only the start of a series of compromises Amrit finds himself making as he deals with hospital politics and injustices of the American health care system.

He struggles to be the man he believes he is and at the same time, the person he wants to be. When faced with a choice of what is right by his conscience he chooses dangerously but only then can he live with what he sees in the mirror.

Straddling the conflicting positions of tradition and opportunity, Amrit understands more deeply, what it is to be successful and chooses to be the person that makes him happy.


Tina Heaton
0 #5 OCEAN OF PEARLS limited theatrical releaseTina Heaton 2009-07-17 22:48
OCEAN OF PEARLS, a feature-length film shot throughout Michigan in the summer of 2007, will make its theatrical debut August 7, 2009 at Landmark’s Maple Art Theatre in Bloomfield Hills. The film, directed by local gastroenterolog ist Dr. Sarab Neelam, marks an auspicious event: not only is the film directed by a practicing physician, Dr. Neelam is the first Sikh director of an American feature film. The film release will expand to include the AMC Forum and Emagine Canton on August 14; Landmark’s Embarcadero Theatre in San Francisco on August 21; and Landmark’s Century Centre Theatre in Chicago on September 4.
Raj SIngh
0 #4 Raj SIngh 2008-06-24 15:41
It\'s a movie that reflects what is hap[censored]in g in this day and age! So many other posts everywhere in some content relate to relgion, social issues etc! I am disappointed in reading that one would say this is a sikhi related video?

From the offical movie site,a quote \"...your movie got to me...... conflicts within discrimination, family, romantic love, wealth, ethics, morality, and the need for acceptance is portrayed with power and drama....How much have any of us given away of our choices, our freedom, our passions, ourselves in compromise and without even knowing it, without questioning it.....Thanks for illuminating that and also that an individual does have a choice and that there are values only determined within oneself.\"

It is good to see things like this on sites so people can understand the pressures of modern living and clearly the audience like yourselves who have posted feel that its a \"ridiculous behavior\" - how do you justify that?
0 #3 SINGH KHALSA 2008-06-24 15:11
First these guys/girls try putting up an article about sikhism and bhangra, and now they are trying to put a sikhi related video on here, the acts of this is hurrendous and someone ought to put a stop to there ridiculous behaviour.

0 #2 AKAAL 2008-06-24 15:09
This is not the appropriate site to be putting such video on this f*cking BHANGRA site.
0 #1 Guest 2008-06-24 12:35
a must watch movie

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