Julie in Singh Is Kinng!

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Four years back the sexy Neha Dhupia sizzled in the box-office hit, Julie. Is it any coincidence that in her next keenly awaited Akshay Kumar-Katrina Kaif starrer Singh Is Kinng, Neha's character name happens to be Julie yet again!





Blushes Neha, "I don't think the Julie connection will ever leave me! Even today when I go up north and to the small towns, people say Arre Julie Aa Gayi! Since the association is so strong, I said why not christen my character Julie!"
Was Julie the initial choice? "No! I'm not sure what they had in mind initially! I think it was Rosy!" she laughs.
On how she landed herself a juicy role in the film, Neha reveals, "Vipul's (Shah) office approached me. I was slightly apprehensive initially because I wasn't playing the romantic interest. But I was assured that being the girl of the gang I'd have a plum part. And because I am a sardar in real life as well that helped!"
About Singh Is Kinng, she smiles confidently, "Just watch it! It's an absolute blast!"
Singh Is Kinng is out worldwide on August 8 and previews in select locations on August 7. It is an Indian Films - Studio 18 release.

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