Singh Is Kinng mania unfolds in April !!

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 'SINGH IS KINNG' mania unfolds in April !!
'Singh Is Kinng', among the most keenly anticipated titles of 2008, will reveal its first look on Baisakhi, April 13. The Akshay Kumar-Katrina Kaif starrer releases worldwide on August 8.
From Vipul Shah & Anees Bazmee, the hit makers of 'Namastey London', 'Waqt', 'No Entry' and 'Welcome', 'Singh Is Kinng' is a whopper of an action comedy about an adorable bumpkin from Punjab who ends up in Australia in a zany situation that he had never imagined !
The minute-long teaser of 'Singh Is Kinng', which will reveal superstar Akshay Kumar's stylish new Sikh get-up, will play across television channels from the following Sunday. The trailer will also play in cinemas worldwide from April 25, along with 'Tashan'.
'Singh Is Kinng' is an Indian Films - Studio 18 release.
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While the teaser creative of the keenly anticipated SINGH IS KINNG has Akshay Kumar as a clean-shaven Sardar, the superstar decided against the idea of being beardless and actually grew one for the role.
Though Bollywood has in the past shown Sikh characters without beards, Akshay's rationale was that a beard of a Sikh is one of the five sacred insignia of his religion. 
However, veteran actor Om Puri had to forego the beard in SINGH IS KINNG for a valid reason. "Like Amit ji my face is allergic to beards. I get rashes from facial hair. So, I played the Sardar with all the other mandatory requirements except the beard!"
SINGH IS KINNG releases on August 8. It is an Indian Films - Studio 18 release worldwide.



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any idea when this is releasing?

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