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Shrinaya - Swag Bada Athra

Swag Bada Athra

Welcome to the world of Shrinaya who is all set to release her fantastic debut single 'Swag Bada Athra'!

Born in the United Kingdom

Travelled to 18 countries and counting

Lived in 5 nations

A trained classical dancer

She's only 14 and just getting started!

Produced in the UK, the song is a beautiful Hindi pop song with a current urban twist that will sure to please her social media fanbase of thousands!

Hailing from London, Shrinaya spent her early years living, schooling and travelling abroad with her family. She's lived in Malaysia, Australia, Abu Dhabi and India and along with her global travels, she's experienced a plethora of people, backgrounds and cultures allowing her to appreciate the importance of adaptability and multiculturism.

Shrinaya would sing from the back seat of the car listening to the radio when she was only a toddler. Shrinaya’s real talent became evident from the age of 5. With her family's support and nurturing, she flourished quickly, singing with passion and confidence at family events.

After moving back to the UK, Shrinaya achieved her first certificate in Hindi Vocal Solos at a Performing Arts Festival. With her growing confidence, she took to the stage astonishing crowds at various local council and community events.

She's achieved a grade 5 in Bharatanatyam Classical dance and is progressing further in both Indian classical dancing and singing.

Shrinaya understands the importance of education and aspires to study dentistry, whilst also pursuing her passion for musical entertainment.

Look out world, here comes Shrinaya!

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