Ranjit Bawa - Kangan

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Ranjit Bawais ready to give a big dance number "Kangan"!

Ranjit Bawa- a prominent singer turned actor is quite busy nowadays shooting his upcoming movies. But he never misses a chance to make his fans rejoice on his soundtracks. After giving hits like "Weekend" and "Phulkari", he is ready to give a big dance number "Kangan". This one's written by Gill Raunta, music is by Laddi Gill and video is directed by Sukh Sanghera.

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0 #2 Ranjit Bawa - KanganKeenan 2019-01-01 14:00
Well I really enjoyed this video, prefer singing then his films, speaks to fast lol
0 #1 Ranjit Bawa - KanganChandu 2018-12-11 15:11
Loving this his sings are much better the movies he does, speaks too fast lol

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