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Badal Talwan, Popsy - Bullet (Out Now)

Music producer Popsy’s Future Shock Production unit brings to life a raw yet another energetic traditional track 'Bullet' by Badal Talwan with trademark sarangi and tumbi hooks dueling on this up-tempo banger!

Since Badal’s debut release ‘Chaska (Duet)’ in 2015 he has received glowing reviews and extensive radio play for his 5 singles to date and furthermore for the last Popsy ‘Music Machine’ release ‘Naan’. This month (22nd June), his new single ‘Bullet’ finds him eulogizing about his Royal Enfield motorbike as he serenades his new love!

Badal’s desi vocal delivery wrapped up in Popsy’s heavy production shows the versatility of the song adding huge value as it dips in and out of a traditional folk vibe to contemporary territory. Something for both the traditionalists and club DJ’s, ‘Bullet’ proves that you can make music that is a perfect blend of old and new, bringing roots and tradition to the masses. Enjoy!

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