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Bhinda Aujla - Yaar Glassy (Album Review)

Record Label: MovieBox
Release Date: June 2007
No Of Tracks:

Moviebox are like the Chelsea of Bhangra, the label with the most money, the biggest names (arguably) and the most attractive option for any artist in the Bhangra scene. Along with re-signing B21 last summer they also quietly went about snapping up Bhinda Aujla to the massive MovieBox roster which now includes Rishi Rich. However this does not exactly make Moviebox the best label…

 Bhinda Aujla is a vocalist who is more known for his collaborations with DJ Vix on the massive tune ‘Yaar Kure’ and more recently ‘Puchna’, his style is somewhat indifferent but then again indifferent is better than being the same as everyone else. The Bhinda Aujla debut solo album has been produced by Dj Vix, Kam Frantic and Bhinda Aujla himself, now me being as blunt as I can be, its not exactly the most attractive line up. I don’t mean neither are talentless, quite the opposite however you do sense a certain pattern in the music; the Frantic Studios sound.

 Anyway, Moviebox; 8 Tracks £10…Some things never change!

Seeing as though the album credits give no mention what so ever on whos produced what ill do my best at guessing each track… although I don’t think it would be too difficult.


 The first song is ‘Yaar Glassy’ and has been doing the rounds on your asian music channels for the past month or so. I don’t really like it, infact I think its awful. Why? Well originality is something this song seriously needs, I mean lyric writers & vocalists pay attention; ALL SONGS DO NOT HAVE TO BE ABOUT ALCOHOL. Now that small issue is addressed the production on this song is your bog standard Frantic Studios sound which I’ve heard on the Vix and Jags Klimax album this year, so nothing new here. The song does have a nice kick into the chorus but the rest of the song has as much life as a dead dog. This song will do well, its about alcohol. So who’s produced this song? Vix Aujla or Frantic? Im guessing there all the same person.

 ‘Urdi Urdi (Tappe)’ is next.and think back to the new DJ Vix album and the song ‘Tappe’ which was sung by Lehmber Hussainpuri. Now Urdi Urdi is an exact copy of that. Don’t believe me? Compare the two. Another song which does absolutely nothing for me. Sung in the same tempo as the vix song, the song including the music is slightly different, however not enough to make this song last into the second minute.

 ‘Dil Nachan Nu Karda’ is next and is a pleasant change for what its worth. The song features Priya and MC Lyca who both featured on ‘Yaar Kure’ and ‘Puchna’. The beat has a 2step funky feel. It makes a change from the previous two songs however still lacks anything to make it worth another listen.

 ‘Punjabi Gabroo’ is up next and this is more on a desi tip, again it is another solid song but probably has the longevity of a ant, original isn’t exactly its strong point, with the same dhol, tumbi loops being heard before on countless other songs.

 Track 5 is ‘Tere Nakrhre Majajne’ is up next and once agan is another solid number with a catchy chorus, however once again it really does lack anything to set my ear drums alight.

 ‘Boom’ follows and as the intro by Mc Lyca suggests Vix is credited on this track as the producer. Lyca does well on the chorus in carrying the song, production wise Vix does a pretty decent job, its an ok song.

 ‘Tere Pyar De Maare’ is next and im guessing this is done by Frantic Kam as it has all the ingredients of a song which iv heard before. It’s a pretty solid song however the reused bass presets have all been heard before.

 The final song off the album is a slow number called ‘Rutta Pyar Diyan’, it’s a fairly decent track featuring a mellow guiatar throughout courtesy of Frantic Kam, the music goes well with the song, it’s a solid effort and is a good change from the rest of the album which has been filled with bog standard songs.

 So that ends the album, it’s a pretty poor attempt from all angles. From the 8 tracks I heard on this album each one lacked anything to really give me an incentive to go back and listen to this album. But you have to give it to MovieBox, bring out a pretty weak 8 track album, make the lead single about alcohol and there you go, you have a good selling point for a very very average album.If labels and producers alike continue to bring out albums that lack orginality  and consist of beats that are just a rehash of there older material than bhangra will continue to fade. Don’t bother wasting your money on this album; they say Bhangra albums aren’t selling like they used to, this album is one of the reasons why.

 Bhinda Aujla – Yaar Glassy gets a 4/10

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