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Makhan Dhillon ft The Dark MC & Angel - Himmat


September marks the launch of a new fresh talent “Makhan Dhillon’ with his debut track titled "Himmat" music is by the creative & innovative producer duo "The Dark MC"& Angel, written by the UK lyricist Bally G who is widely known as Balkar Laltonwala.

Video is shot in India and has been directed by Harpreet Bajwa. Makhan Dhillon hailing from Punjab with his raw powerful voice is going to make alot of noise in his own versatile style. Born to mother Smt. Jagroop Kaur and late father S. Kashmir singh in the Holy City Amritsar (Punjab), Makhan Dhillon holds an impressive personality despite his height.

His parents were always concerned as a lot of people mocked his height but this midget has responded back with his God gifted powerful voice. Makhan is not only loved by family and friends but also by all Punjabi folk lovers. He is blessed with the power of hypnotising listeners though his voice.

Working as a full time employee for famous Outfit Key Chain “Being Human’, Makhan these days is super excited about his upcoming debut single produced by Dark Mc & Angel.

About his collaboration with DarkMc, he says “ I am very thankful to the team at Anon Records, Sam the music producer and Balkar Laltonwala who recognized me and gave me my first break”. Balkar has penned the lyrics for “Himmat” and stated that the debut single “Himmat” speaks about "Courage" focusing on self-motivation, commitment and being loyal to values we hold for our families and friends.

Balkar added that "Himmat" was in fact inspired by Bruce Lee and thought it would be perfect for Makhan to sing this as Makhan has shown great signs of courage to follow his dream despite all the mockery he faced growing up in Punjab. The song Himmat reminds us of our roots and that one should never give up or loose hope but should be able to live with self-respect and with Pride.

Talking about his earlier days Makhan says “Since childhood, I was fond of good music; I used to listen to and admire the late legend Nusrat Fateh Ali khan saab. My fantasy to start singing came to life as I started singing along with my favorite songs. After that I became naturally involved and Started to develop with time. I am still a beginner and am grateful to my team for giving me the chance to step into the studio and this was a learning curve as singing in the booth was much more challenging then I thought it would be.

This taught me to start learning professionally and to practice daily.” Makhan adds “With some of my Videos uploaded on YouTube of me singing some famous hits such as Dushmani. I was immediately embraced and acknowledged by listeners for my voice. I was extremely touched and was relieved that I gave my parents a chance to be proud of their only son.

Recently Makhan was interviewed by Komal and was asked about taking his singing to a commercial level Makhan stated “I sing for joy never for the sake of money. I declined a number of offers for singing in various projects and to perform on various events. This was all offered due to gaining popularity from social media but I never ever thought that I would pursue my hobby as a professional but when The Dark MC approached me & gave me advice on my talent, "I decided to take the next step".

With ref to his singing Idol from Punjabi music he mentions “I am fond of folk music as it is strongly connected with our culture. I am a big fan of Kaka Bhainiawala the Bhangra Singer who had a unique recognizable voice which appealed to thousands of Bhangra music lovers”

Recently Makhan along side Dark MC and Angel paid tribute to the late legend by remaking one of Kaka's popular tracks “Husna di Sarkar”, Makhan re sung the song and paid tribute to his Idol.

Talking about “Himmat” the Dark Mc the music producer who took the step to assist Makhan in his musical journey & development states “Makhan has a powerful voice, we were always in search of this kind of Unique talent which delivers Folk flavor that can be mixed in with Urban Music.

New label “Anon records’ will be releasing Makhan’s upcoming debut single unleashing this raw powerful vocalist to the world on the 17th Sept. Song will be available on all digital platforms.