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JoSH opens concert with Ardaas

JoSH the Band opens brand new tour with "Ardaas", a soulful tribute to Baba Bulleh Shah and Amir Khan's PK!

On Feb 22nd, 2015 JoSH the BaND kicked off their brand new tour, "Distantly Famous". Known to continously push the envelop, the Indo-Pakistani duo JoSH has been widely known to have been the only artists to win MTV Music awards in both India and Pakistan. They have sold over 3 million albums worldwide which include hit collaborations with Nelly Furtado, Apache Indian, and Sukhbir.

This time, they've come back to their souldful roots. In their own voice and style, JoSH opened their concert with a tribute to one of their favorite poets as well as their favorite films, Baba Bulleh Shah and Amir Khan's "PK" respectively. "We have a terrible habit of questioning everything and anything around us, from education to religion to the rules in which relationships are governed", says Rup Magon, one of the lead singers of the band. Using just the guitar, a bansari flute, and the piano, they send a powerful message which supports the world's growing spiruality. "We wanted to keep the instrumentation very simple, yet deliver a powerful punch with the vocals", says Qurram Hussain of JoSH.