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Sukshinder Shinda - Langar (Out Now)

Dharam Seva Records present Langar a new full album with 8 tracks made specially for this Vaisakhi featuring Music and vocals by Sukshinder Shinda.

Langar, is said to be a Persian word that translates as 'an almshouse', 'an asylum for the poor and the destitute'.

Langar was started by our first Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji as a crusade against the tyrannies of the rich born over the people of humble origin with its foundation laid at Kartarpur.

Guru Angad Dev Ji (Second Guru) expanded Langar to the outcaste, destitute and needy. Mata Khivi, wife of Guru Angad Dev Ji was instrumental in the development of Langar and prepared and distributed food with her own hands.

Pahley Pangat, Peechay Sangat

The teaching of Langar and promoting social equality was continued by Guru Amar Das Ji (Third Guru). For the first time in history, Guru Ji ordered that all who came to see him must first eat Langar as equals in the Sangat - Pahley Pangat, Peechay Sangat.

Guru Ji eradicated the social barriers between the rich and the poor, touchable and non-touchable, Hindu and the Shudra, king and the pauper… Even the Emperor Akbar and the Raja of Haripur had to sit on the floor with commoners to eat as equals to nurture humility.