Offlicence releases Gallan

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Offlicence are ready to unleash a new single entitled ‘Gallan’, the track serves as the latest release from their future album hoping to appeal to the Punjabi masses with a collection of songs filled with Desi bangers and feel good jams for the ladies.

Gallan is Offlicence’s newest single since “Style” featuring Panjabi MC and will be their first single from 3 consecutive releases planned this year. Offlicence are pleased to introduce a talented music producer based in Montreal into the Asian music scene named ‘KNY Factory’, who was born in Paris to an Indian father and a French-Canadian mother. His tone of music has ethnic soul, bass and club jams all in one.

Offlicence see ‘Gallan’ as a continuation of the direction of their sound within Asian music, with the song topic making the single a serious threat for valentines with the helping hands of lyricist ‘Binder Nawepindia’ (Moorni)

After a few years of taking a break to adjust roles within the group and reconnect with their craft, Offlicence are confident that the gap from the last release helped them produce their most authentic songs to date. However, Offlicence wasn’t entirely away from music the whole time, since their last single 'Style' they have been travelling, performing in addition to supporting Panjabi MC on tour.

Offlicence frontman and song vocalist Sunny J says “We made the decision to release it now because the timing felt right with everything, We just want to give supporters the best we can do right now. We can grow and learn together. Hopefully everyone will love the song”


-1 #1 RE: Offlicence - Gallan (Out 5th Feb)desiranjha 2015-02-05 09:04
sunny j you cant sing bro you might have nice flashly video and i have no idea why punjabi mc would work with you could be money in involved

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