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Josh & Jas remix 'Udeekan' by John Nagra


Josh & Jas are back straight into 2015 with a remix of John Nagra's Udeekan. Available as a free download!

The Duo have been busy for the last couple of years with bookings in the wedding industry and took a back seat with making music. They are back this year to not just bring you a remix but some fresh new tracks.

Josh & Jas have teamed up with John Nagra and are working on some exciting new projects in the pipeline. In the meantime they are pushing John's mark into the industry with 'Udeekan.' This remix has given the track a fresh feel with an up-tempo and uplifting beat. It will definitely be a remix that you will want to listen to.

Having worked closely over the last month with the team at Supafly Media and John Nagra himself, they will be working a lot closer as a team with plenty more music to come.