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Video: Mallika Jyoti 'Guru Da Singh'


Watch the full video to the first religious song of Mallika Jyoti titled 'Guru Da Singh' here!

The song is written by their father Meet Majri and Composed by Amarjot Singh Bhasin. The video is directed by JCee Dhanoa.

This is the song which both Mallika and Jyoti started their singing career, when they were 10-12 years old. They sung this song in a nagar kirtan and everybody appreciated and they got lot of calls to sing in Gurdwaras and other religious funtions of near by areas.

It was a long awaited wish of Mallika and Jyoti to release this song but could not be fulfilled because no label was interested. So now it is now being released under the Blue Tomatoes Music.