Sukhi Bart - Bhagat Singh - The Awakening (Out Now)

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'Bhagat Singh - The Awakening' is the debut song by Sukhi Bart. Released on Dharam Seva Records


Dharam Seva Records are pleased to announce the worldwide release of the debut single from Sukhi Bart named - “Bhagat Singh: The Awakening’. The song will be available for download from iTunes on Mothers Day, Sunday 30th March 2014. This track dedicated to Bhagat Singh’s Mother, Mata Vidyavati.

A devoted father of three from Smethwick, West Midlands, who works full time as a Civil Servant, Sukhi has always had huge passion for his heritage, culture and the great warriors of Punjab, India, especially Bhagat Singh and his great sacrifice for his countries independence from the British Raj.

Sukhi said – “From a young age I have always been inspired by the freedom fighters of India’s independence movement, from Bhagat Singh to Lala Raaj Pat Rai G. Throughout my childhood I have heard many stories of the revolution and India’s struggle for freedom and I remember looking at a poster in our house of a strange man with big muscles, with his mustache pointing up. I was eventually to learn that this man was Bhagat Singh. His name is still alive in the hearts of Indians across the world today and should be for many generations ahead. In seven years of his revolutionary life Bhagat Singh changed the face of freedom fighting. So many years later here we are talking about him. Many songs have been done about Bhagat Singh and many will be done in the future and that’s great, because the legend lives on”.

As well as a singer/songwriter, Sukhi has played a pivotal role in the British Asian Music and Entertainment Industry as a TV and Radio presenter at British Broadcasting Corporation BBC, Brit Asia TV, Sikh Channel, Radio XL, Channel Punjab to name but a few, interviewing many top celebrities and artistes from around the world as well as compering at live sell out concerts and festivals.

The music is produced by Pala Uppal and mastered by Ravi Bal Productions.


-5 #9 RE: Sukhi Bart - Bhagat Singh - The Awakening (Out Soon)Kerina 2014-03-29 19:23
As a presenter you the best as a singer dont bother simple!
-2 #8 Not doin itBhangra4ever 2014-03-29 18:22
Rate suki Bart as presenter the guy has lots of knowledge and is a true Bhangra head i was Intrested to see what sound he would come out with but this is quiet poor no disrespect to the lyrics suki yaar how would you review this stick to what you know best still
Britasia no 1 presenter.
+6 #7 RE: Sukhi Bart - Bhagat Singh - The Awakening (Out Soon)chinajatt 2014-03-28 08:25
the guys trying to educate the youngers about shaheed bhagat not the best track but stil gud i personally wont download it not my kind of song but still well done
Raj pannu
+2 #6 OkRaj pannu 2014-03-28 00:44
The vocals sound fine, production is slick aswell, haters stop hating & go get a life, let the artists express them selfs for real & you guys express yourself behind your keyboards #FACT
Jatt pump
-3 #5 RE: Sukhi Bart - Bhagat Singh - The Awakening (Out Soon)Jatt pump 2014-03-26 16:10
This is gandh, Sukhi leave it man, kamdeh awaaz i would rather listen to Dsarb, Manj, Nindy no not Nindy if i have to listen to her than i may as well commit suicide.
-2 #4 RE: Sukhi Bart - Bhagat Singh - The Awakening (Out Soon)Kerina 2014-03-25 20:11
seva has become commerical thats not right and then correctly said Sukhi can not sing he should stick to what he knows and good at ..
0 #3 Sharam SewaStyles 2014-03-25 19:26
I agree Realist with you 100% also there are much better releases hap[censored]in g these days that do not get the recognition it deserves. Also I bet this was one of the labels that didn't support the Jagowale project as they are trying to make the world all unite etc when are people going to wake up.
+1 #2 RE: Sukhi Bart - Bhagat Singh - The Awakening (Out Soon)Realist. 2014-03-25 18:00
Ok I understand its 'seva' and the track is for charity (i hope,) but why did Sukhi Bart even consider singing? Shaunk ta purey karney ya but its beyond me why others at the label didnt ask him to re-record the bad bits where his accent or the limit of his vocals comes through.
Secondly whats up with the production, the tracks about Bhagat Singh but the production is on some rather weak dancehall vibe? Doesnt really go with the whole message of the track (in my opinion.)
Guess Dharam Seva are hoping that Sukhi's many acquaintances in the industry will plug the track on fb/twitter leading to a decent amount of sales!!!
Once again somebody else turning charity into business and missing the whole point of being a charity in the first place!!!
su a
-1 #1 RE: Sukhi Bart - Bhagat Singh - The Awakening (Out Soon)su a 2014-03-25 17:53
OMG this is a joke sukhi can't sing!

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