Kanwar & Ladla release Teer Video

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Ladla & Kanwar pay tribute to all past and present Sikhs (The Teers of True Guru) and try to communicate to Sikhs what it means to be a TEER (student/pupil of spirituality). Artists have used Hip Hop and Punjabi singing along with catchy music beat to create this track that beautifully blends poetry, song and rap vocals. "Pind City Records" dedicates TEER to each and every Sikh alive on the planet.

Record Label : Pind City Records
Video Director : Ladla
Rap/Lyrics : Kanwarpal Singh Gill (Kanwar)
Song Vocals/Lyrics : Amar Singh Chamkila & Ladla
Music : Trax & Dj Harvi (BPD)

For more information please visit Pidcity website @:


0 #7 Ladla 2011-08-08 21:34
@Hargo : Brother this year has been good for you are us. People have been showing great support for TEER and Bhangrafornia. Lets continue working hard and earn respect from our kinds.. yeee!
0 #6 RE: Kanwar & Ladla release Teer VideoHargo 2011-07-26 09:24
Ladla paaji - so proud of you and Kanway paaji, you guys killed it with the meaning and spirituality of the track. Good to see other recognizing also!

0 #5 Ladla 2011-07-25 04:51
@Krishan : PASA WAT by Kanwar & Ladla audio was released 2 days ago. Please check out at our sound cloud space.

thanks for the support!

+2 #4 sawan. 2011-07-23 13:56
Wicked track, and video thank you for sharing
+1 #3 krishan84 2011-07-22 15:47
ricky mate why are you picking out silly little points? this song is amazing, im a non sikh and it even made me think that twice about the sacrifices these singhs/singhnia made for us all! lets no be petty and criticise, id like to say smashing tune and great inspirational video showing all the great saints. kanwar at his best when hes releasing these types of tunes and much respect to ladla. hope to see another collabration of you guys on this type of jam.
piece out.
+6 #2 Ladla 2011-07-20 20:39

Pind = Village
City = City

Most punjabi people are from the pinds (villages) in Punjab and now living in cties in UK, Canada, Australia, USA and in other counteries; thus we make music for all of our kinds; thus Pind City Records :-)! TEEER was our first attempt and doing music, recording and video production all in-house. Wanted to start out with Praise of Waheguru who made it all possible for us. I pomise we shall get better at it as we release lot more music in the future. Stay tuned! we are going to release next single in few days and its going to hot and main stream music!


-6 #1 Rickey 2011-07-20 20:12
Pind City Recordz? What kind of name is that? Decent song, poor production on the video, but overall not bad for a religious song.

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