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Darvaish (Out Now)


Album contains Indian to Pakistani Vocals of Sufism Rhythms, Exclusive Sessions of Tabla, Carnatic Vocal Raags, Sufi Vocal Raags and Oriental Music.


Album Name: Dervaish
Album Genre: Sufi / Classic / Oriental
Quick Review: Sufism / Indian & Pakistani Classical / Raags / Carnatic Vocals

Track List*
1. Beautiful


{audio}media/Music/Dec09/Beautiful - Demo.mp3{/audio}

2. FreeStyle Sufism

{audio}media/Music/Dec09/FreeStyle Sufism - Demo.mp3{/audio}

3. Journey Of The Sufism

{audio}media/Music/Dec09/Journey Of The Sufism - Demo.mp3{/audio}

4. Karnatic Experience

{audio}media/Music/Dec09/Karnatic Experience - Demo.mp3{/audio}

5. Life Of Darvaish

{audio}media/Music/Dec09/Life Of Darvaish - Demo.mp3{/audio}

6. Never Ending Classical

{audio}media/Music/Dec09/Never Ending Classical - Demo.mp3{/audio}

7. Purity Of Life

{audio}media/Music/Dec09/Purity Of Life - Demo.mp3{/audio}

8. Sitar Impact

{audio}media/Music/Dec09/Sitar Imapct - Demo.mp3{/audio}

9. Sitar Madness

{audio}media/Music/Dec09/Sitar Madness - Demo.mp3{/audio}

10. Memories Of Nobody

{audio}media/Music/Dec09/Memories Of Nobody - Demo.mp3{/audio}

"Haroon Ahmad Awan a.k.a McAwans in North America"

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