The PropheC - Letters (Out Now)

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The PropheC is the biggest name hailing out of Canada in the Punjabi music industry is back with another track! He has announced via his Facebook account that his new track titled 'Letters' will be releasing in a few weeks.

PropheC who is from Calgary, Alberta Canada has had a number of great years in the industry with his popularity rising every single year. He was first noticed when he released a track titled 'Sohni' which he released back in 2008 and performed in front of thousands of people while opening up for Imran Khan during his Unforgettable tour.

Since then, he has released a couple albums and WOW have they caught peoples attention. He has collaborated with artists such as Fateh, Rashi Sood and just recently welcomed the return of H Dhami with the release of 'Clap It' which he produced.

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0 #1 The PropheC - Letters (Out Now)Kia 2017-02-01 21:03
Love his style so humble god bless xx

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