Mukhtar Sahota feat. Baljit Wadali, The Wadali Brothers - Ishq Yaar Da Lageya (Out Now)

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After the worldwide success of ‘Mukhtar Sahota’s’ collaboration with the ‘Wadalis’ on the song, ‘Charka’, from his album, ‘Unpredictable’, Mukhtar Sahota returns with a special collaboration with the Wadali Brothers, and this time introduces the fourth generation from this musical family, ‘Baljit Wadali’, the grandson of Pyare Lal Wadali.

Baljit Wadali is a young fresh voice from the Wadali family and has been classically trained by the Wadali brothers. This song is Baljit’s debut release that showcases his vocal ability and his musical inheritance.

‘Ishq Yaar Da Lageya’, brings together the unique sound of Mukhtar Sahota with Sufiana fused with the sounds of Latin music. The combination of the two genres with the different layers of sounds and instruments, work a treat.

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