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Indiraa - Indiaah (The Republic Day Song)


Indiraa is a UK based singer-songwriter from London, who spent most of her early years in India. Indiraa starts the new-year with a free single titled Indiaah to celebrate Indian Republic day

The single is available to download for free below and on her web site along with a brand new video.

Indiraa wrote the lyrics to Indiaah to describe her journey from India to the UK and her feelings about India and how she misses the land where she grew up. The song tells a story of living in the UK but looking back at growing up in her motherland of India, torn between the love and riches of both countries with the constant battle of the memories of the culture, faith, family values and daily life.

January 26th sees people throughout India and the world celebrate the nation's Republic Day. It’s day to remember when India's constitution came into force on January 26, 1950, completing the country's transition toward becoming an independent republic. Indiraa sings Indiaah with pride and hope that many people around the world will enjoy the single and close their eyes and imagine the beauty of India before them wherever they are in the world!

Indiraa has also recorded with the legendary producers from India, Shankar Ehsaan Loy (SEL) but she hasnt always been a singer. After attending Twickenham Grammar School, UK, she moved back to Mumbai with her family, who placed a particular emphasis on sports. So Indiraa started playing tennis and soon excelled in the game, playing at State and National levels, ranking no. 6 in India, Ladies, and no. 2 in the State Rankings whilst also being a Inter University Champion. She balanced this with studies that led to a First class Bachelors degree in Psychology and Statistics, and also attended Goverment Law College Mumbai. Never Too Late says what

This year will also see Indiraa release several singles as part of a new album plus she will is also currently presenting her own radio chat show on Soho Radio in London which is available on the internet.