Shin Cobra - Heere, Diamonds Of Punjab (Out Now)

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Shin Cobra releases his latest single titled ‘Heere, Diamonds Of Punjab’. The video has been filmed and directed by Harvey Sahota from X-Labs Films, Out via iTunes via Haveli Records.

Watch the Promo below!

Artist- Shin Cobra

Track – Heere - Diamonds Of Punjab

A powerful new song with a positive and inspiring message.

Shin Cobra says – “This song is a reminder that Punjab is the land where Guru Gobind Singh Ji founded the Khalsa, where heroes such as Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh were born. Where there is a tradition of fighting tyranny, ejecting foreign invaders, happily going to the gallows to achieve freedom, defeating enemies despite overwhelming odds, and where the spirit, courage of heart, and nerves of steel have no bounds. I have tried to capture some of the history, the principles of the Gurus’ teachings, the rich culture and the proud history of the Sikhs in this song. I hope this track will inspire some of our youth to live their lives with dignity and pride, and that listeners will be reminded of their heritage as sons of the land of the five rivers, and strive to become “Heere, Diamonds of Punjab”

Shin Cobra - has produced a hard hitting powerful sound using traditional instruments such as Dhols, Alogozey and Sarangi, with a powerful vocal delivery.

Composition and music for the track is by Shin Cobra, and the track is mixed and mastered by Harvey Sahota.

The Video - Harvey Sahota (X–Labs Film) the industry renowned musician, singer and producer, now makes his official debut in film production for HEERE, Diamonds of Punjab.

HEERE - Diamonds of Punjab is available now to download from ITunes, Amazon, Google Play and other Digital outlets.

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