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Mangil Singh ft Tanveer Goggi - Mitran Neh (Out Now)

"Mitran Neh" is the brand new By Mangil Singh which will be available for download on the 13/08/2015
The track is sung by Tanveer Gogi with music by Mangil Singh & Gurvinder Singh (The Cure)

The track is fast paced giddah themed love song about a gentleman trying to charm a beautiful young woman. Every time he looks at her she becomes shy and he slowly falls in love with her smile. In one of the verses he compares her beauty to that of Mumtaz Mahal (the chosen one of the palace) spouse of Emperor Shah Jahan.

This release also features a high quality 4K music video featuring the famous Gabru Punjab De Men's Group, Gabru Punjab De Children's Group and the elegant Haripa Dancers! The video was shot at Myyst Birmingham and features an array of luxurious super cars.

'Mitran Neh' is set to release worldwide 13th August via M-Boss Records UK!