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Kebi Dhindsa - Y.P.P.D (Out Now)

After winning countless awards during the mid-nineties with his ground-breaking band, Kebi Dhindsa the man behind KB & The Gang is back with a brand new 10 track solo album titled ‘YPPD.

With a long line of massive hits behind him and a history of working with some of the biggest producers in UK Bhangra, Kebi promises to deliver an album which will show a new direction in the Punjabi Music industry.

By Working alongside some very talented musical individuals Kebi Dhindsa has created his new song YPPD. The album promises to shed light into a industry which has been bombarded by the lack of originality, with fresh new lyrics. Kebi has used original folk based ideas to write all the songs, this album promises to deliver a magical relatable experience.

By using his old folk techniques Kebi has created the song “YPPD” this is about the unconditional love between a father and his son. This song is truly heart-warming. It is a very relatable song as many people who are distant with their fathers or have sadly lost their father can remember certain memories of their childhood due to the overwhelming lyrics.

Kebi has created the lyrics by relating them to his childhood and the memories he has had with his 2 boys. This song can never go out of fashion as it this is not following a trend it is creating one.

A video has been shot for the song “Y.P.P.D “ by creative producer Munish Sharma in association with Craftyboy Productions and Yaar Records.  Music was created by upcoming musical talent Gubzy Lakhanpal.

Track List

Ik Vaar Hor (Kebi Dhindsa, Miss Pooja)

Y P P D (Kebi Dhindsa,)

Mal Mal Di Chunni Remix (Kebi Dhindsa)

Raje (Kebi Dhindsa)

Hanji (Kebi Dhindsa)

Dard (Kebi Dhindsa)

Mal Mal Di Chunni (Kebi Dhindsa)

Mama Mami (Kebi Dhindsa)

Punjabi (Kebi Dhindsa)

Raje Remix (Kebi Dhindsa) Kebi Dhindsa Dhindsa