Gurbal Saroya - Na Jaa (Out Now)

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Vibes of Punjabi Music presents another new single featuring evocative vocals by ‘Gurbal Saroya’ and music by ‘VPM Studios’ that is undoubtedly going to revamp the vogue of Punjabi music!

‘Na Jaa’ portrays the feelings of a guy who has been separated by his love. With the refreshing tunes of ‘Na Jaa’; love has a new beat to pat. Gurbal Saroya launched his first solo song ‘Nachna’ in 2010, album ‘Thandi Chaan’ in 2013, album ‘Nachna’ (Various Artist) in 2014 and another single ‘Desi Yaar’ in 2015.

Born and being raised up in the Punjabi culture, Gurbal Saroya grew up with a scrutiny to go against all odds and give Punjabi music, a new definition. Gurbal Saroya adds ‘My biggest inspiration is Legendry Gurdas Maan and my Grandfather G.C Saroya who bestows me with immense motivation to explore new beats’.

Further, Gurbal Saroya adds “My hard work and dedication towards Punjabi Music will definitely touch your hearts, and I will be singing many new Punjabi songs in future which will portray Punjabi Culture and Maa Boli ‘Punjabi”.




Watch the video for 'Thandi Chaan' below which released in 2013


J Deep
+3 #1 SUBERB VOICEJ Deep 2015-06-16 15:41
I live in Canada, Past Weekend I heard your song 'Thandi Chaan' on a Punjabi Channel here. You showed that why Punjabi Culture and Punjabi Music is so famous all over the world. I am a great Fan of your voice your music.
We have a large group of Punjabi community living over here, U r famous here!!
I hope Na Jaa will be a Hit!!..Ol the Best Gurbal Saroya

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