DJ JD ft Manjit Pappu - Naal Nachna (Out Now)

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DJ JD is back with the party track “Naal Nachna” featuring Manjit Pappu and Jatinder Kaur.

Naal Nachna if translated means “I want to dance with you”, is a duet song so is mainly focused on couples so they can sing the lyrics to each other when they are dancing together.

(JD) quotes regarding the release, “After releasing Kaun Nachdi and Moorni I wanted to bring this track as it is one of the most ‘Desiest Track’ on the whole album. Naal Nachna is a very happy Desi song that once you hear it you will want to dance. The lyrics are very catchy and the song can be played at all parties and occasions.

Why the long wait following his last release, “A lot of people have one question that they always ask me or would want to ask me is that (why so late for the next release?), well the main reason is that i had to shoot the video for Naal Nachna all again as the director of the first video disappeared without notice, so all i had was raw footage and the video was shot in India, so i had to go back to India in 2014 to re shoot the video and use the old footage and do the shoot in one day as everyone was too busy to shoot at that moment of time.”

“The video for Naal Nachna as it had to be done again again i made sure that we made this video to be a family video so when the video does come on at home the whole family can see it. There is no specific age group for this video. This is eligible for all viewers to watch because it is an appropriate video.”

“I hope everyone enjoys this song this year and gets a copy from iTunes, thanks to everyone who has been supporting me and my music.“


-1 #2 RE: DJ JD ft Manjit Pappu - Naal Nachna (Out Now)HJatt2014 2015-05-04 20:04
desi ranjha
-1 #1 RE: DJ JD ft Manjit Pappu - Naal Nachna (Out Soon)desi ranjha 2015-05-04 17:47
why do djs try to make music some do well like dj sanj but some like these make a fool out of themselves

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