Jassi Gill & Babbal Rai - Youngster Returns (Out Now)

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Jassi Gill & Babbal Rai are teaming up for a very special project titled 'Youngster Returns' - which has been produced by Jatinder Shah & lyrics by Happy Raikoti!

Jassi Gill & Babbal Rai have spent the last year touring across the world under their #TeamJassiBabal motto. The duo are teaming up for 'Youngster Returns' which pays homage to the original Youngster series that was started by Gippy Grewal & Yudhvir Manak.

In 2007 on the album 'The Gabrus' the duo of Gippy Grewal & Yudhvir Manak collaborated on a single titled 'Youngster', the huge success of the single saw the duo then go away and work on a part 2 of the single titled 'Youngster 2' - both songs produced by Bhinda Aujla.

8 years later, Jassi Gill & Babbal Rai, two of the most exciting young punjabi stars team up together to bring back the Youngster series! Releasing in March worldwide on Speed Records.

For now, watch the trailer for Youngster Returns

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