Rupika Vaidya ft. Mumzy Stranger - Karle Manmani (Out Now)

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Introducing ‘KARLE MANMANI’ featuring MUMZY STRANGER the BIG DEBUT SINGLE release from Sweden based artist RUPIKA VAIDYA. .

Speaking to us exclusively about the track, "Every singer has something unique, whether it’s experience, skills, ideas or enthusiasm but it all depends on what kind of footprint you want to leave? So for me the Path started with Mumzy Stranger.. someone who I admire and respect not just as a producer but an amazing and talented singer.

Working on my first ever Music video was notoriously long and grueling but so much fun, I loved working with everyone on set...

Rupika Vaidya is all about hard work and entertaining people are in this singer’s blood. As she launches her career as an independent artist with her first debut single 'KARLE MANMANI' a very buoyant, infectious single with a great video which compliments the song and showcases the singer's unique beauty, dance moves and fashion style. With its fresh crisp beats coupled with Mumzy Stranger’s Midas touch, it's hard to see 'KARLE MANMANI’ not becoming a huge international success.


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